prototype hyspiri thermal infared radiometer
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The overall goal of the PHyTIR project is to reduce the risk associated with the development of the HyspIRI-TIR instrument by demonstrating with the prototype that:

  • The detectors and readouts meet all signal-to-noise and speed specifications.
  • The scan mirror, together with the structural stability, meets the pointing knowledge requirements.
  • The long-wavelength channels do not saturate below 480 K.
  • The cold shielding allows the use of ambient temperature optics on the HyspIRI-TIR instrument without impacting instrument performance.

The PHyTIR instrument is now complete and testing is underway to answer the questions outlined above. It should be noted this represents a considerable risk reduction by developing a spaceborne prototype which is capable of spaceflight.

The picture below shows the PHyTIR assembled and ready for testing:

PHyTIR on Optical Bench